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||Cross-country skiing around Thierseetal
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Cross-country skiing around Thierseetal

One of the healthiest and most diverse types of sport awaits you with plenty of fresh air and magnificent natural surroundings. As gentle yet intensive circulatory, respiratory and muscular training, cross-country skiing is a pleasurable sport that is suitable for any age and any level of fitness.

The first-class prepared cross-country ski runs in Bayrischzell and in the tourist region of Kufstein leave nothing to be desired.  On the well-tended tracks skis seem to slide along by themselves, even on flat ground. Cross-country ski tickets, information on the prepared tracks, cross-country ski schools, as well as equipment and hire can be found in the relevant information office.

All information on cross-country skiing in the Kufstein tourist region can be found at:

Bayrischzell – a genuine cross-country ski paradise

The trail network in Bayrischzell offers a total 96km of traced routes.
56km are available for the classic technique, 40km for skating.

All information on the Bayrischzell cross-country ski centre: